MP-S01- Thesis Topic Choice Help

 Briefing you with the finalized topic is done by our subject matter experts on a phone call if required in our thesis topic suggestion service.


Topic Consultation

Topics with contribution to the academia, having a range of open unanswered questions or theories are developed. Topics offered are original and necessary desk-based research is done to ensure that the topics have not been attempted earlier.


References Provided

 The finalized research topic is supported by reference/base paper from reputed journals like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, etc. in our thesis topics service.


Proposal Writing

Zero Plagiarism Tolerance, the developed research proposals are always processed for plagiarism check before submission.


Research Design

Our PHD guides will help you for designing your Master’s Research Project.


Data Statistics Help

  • Data Analysis
  • Data cleaning and management
  • Revisions of Data


Master’s thesis Writing

Our PHD Guides will guide you for your thesis preparation


Final Review & proofreading

After writing a complete draft of your thesis, we give it a final revision to check if there are no errors present and if any further changes are required. This to check the overall quality of drafted thesis.